KN95 vs Cloth.

During these trying times, it is important to understand what may or may not protect you from viral particles.  

Stay Informed. Stay Protected. Protect Others.

Mis-guided Information

Will a cloth mask protect you? It depends on what you are trying to protect yourself from. Will a coffee filter inside a handmade cloth mask protect you? Again, it depends on what you are protecting yourself from.  I know if my coffee filter could prevent water from leaking, I would not have a cup of coffee in the morning. 

During these difficult times, it is important for every person to stay informed and do research of their own. We are not providing any advice for the community because we are not professionals in this area. However, we have performed our own tests on various masks and materials and believe if a mask cannot hold water, how could it possibly protect you or others from a virus particle?

Product Benefits

The general use KN95 mask is a great alternative available to the public because they are not suitable for hospitals and 1st responders.

Key Benefit

The general use KN95 mask will provide up to 95% filtration up to 0.3 microns.

Key Benefit

The general use KN95 mask utilizes 4 protective layers of material.